I am an organisation

People living with HIV deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

Why should our organisation be educated about HIV?

Being educated about HIV is the first step to making sure this happens within your organisation. By having policies in place that make sure people living with HIV are treated correctly.

Discriminating against someone because of their HIV status is often illegal. With up-to-date policies in place, you can also be confident that your organisation is operating within the law.

How can HIV Confident help us to support people living with HIV?

HIV Confident will help you to achieve your commitment with the following resources:

  • HIV Confident toolkit. This toolkit will support you to implement HIV-friendly policies and procedures and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Training resources. Our online training resources will help you to learn more about HIV, and how you can best support people living with HIV.
  • Reporting tool. This tool will enable people living with HIV to let you know about any stigma or discrimination that they have experienced, so that you can respond effectively.
  • Enhanced support. To help you to go further with your commitment, there are a range of enhanced resources available, such as in-person training, bespoke eLearning, and training for trainers.